TRIO FINLAND: Tool management without intermediaries

The search for a digital tool management system

‍| March 2023 | Author Anni Junnila

When Trio's store manager Andreas became responsible for the company's work tools, the company was still using pen and paper to manage them. Trio wanted to waste less time on recurring events related to tools, and the solution was found in our materials management software.

The challenge in tool management: only one person had access to the information

Trio's store manager Andreas, in addition to store management, is responsible for developing a centralized purchasing system and managing all of the company's work tools. "We didn't have a centralized purchasing system before, so developing the system was part of my responsibilities. Tool management thus became part of my job description," Andreas explains.

A while ago, only one person had access to information related to the company's tools, and the information was kept with scraps of paper or notebooks. "Everyone called this one person when they needed tools. Then he had to figure out where the tools were at that time, which involved a lot of work," says the store manager. "We didn't have a common system where everyone could check where the tools go."

With the new responsibility for managing company assets, Andreas first thought of creating an Excel-based tool management solution. Then Teemu Kallio, our business director of pipe renovation, told me that there was a specific software for tool management. We came to the conclusion that this software was a much simpler system than working in Excel. And this turned out to be effectively the case.

"This software directly reduces my workload," says Vepsäläinen.

Tool management with an easy-to-use cloud service

The main criterion in deciding to switch to your materials management application was ease of use. The age of our employees ranges from 18- to 60-year-olds. "We have many older installers who do not easily adapt to new technologies," says Andreas. He says the startup and introduction of the software went well, even though not all employees are technically savvy. "Usually a one-time demonstration of how it works suffices. It's so easy to use."

"Working with this software makes my job a lot easier. Now I can use the time, which I otherwise waste keeping track of where our tools are, for other tasks."

Trio's work tools are tagged with the QR code/NFC tags act as links between the tools and their information maintained in the cloud service. By scanning the tag with a mobile device, each tool's information is easily accessible. Check-in and check-out transactions are also easily recorded by reading the tag. "I couldn't think of an easier way to make this efficient," says Andreas.

All work tools are 'tagged' with a QR-NFC sticker

Trio's installers primarily use the check-in and check-out functions of the asset management system. "We have one warehouse, where we store our frequently used tools and larger machines. Our installers get what they need from the warehouse and log the transactions themselves," says Andreas. Trio also uses the system for maintenance and calibration management, but he records these events himself in the management application. "For example, if devices are sent for maintenance or something is broken or parts are missing, I create the documentation myself."

Time freed up for essential work

Andreas is pleased with the results the service has made possible: work has become easier for everyone by using this central system. "I no longer have to act as an intermediary and we no longer have to call the company to ask where our tools are. The management application allows us to instantly see if a particular tool is in the office or in use, and we can immediately find the right person to ask about it. In other words, unnecessary calling and researching can now be skipped," Andreas explains.

"In the application, you see that immediately that one person's work hours are released for other uses. I would say we can save a few hours a day." This also creates a competitive advantage for the company.

"We can focus on the essential work and our resources are available when needed."

According to Andreas, the service is also useful in warehouse planning. "Now we know how many tools we have and how much space they need. Of course, equipment is preferably in use all the time, but it's good to have some information about how much space they need, if needed. We have a relatively small building relative to our operations," says Andreas. Now the company can also keep track of whether company assets go missing.

"Before we used this management application, we didn't know exactly what tools we had. Now if something is missing, at least we know what we already owned.

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