Preparing for the phase-out of 2G

Preparing for the Phasing Out of 2G: Switching to 4GThe phasing out of 2G networks is an inescapable reality facing many businesses. To ensure that your business is ready for this change, it is crucial to take the right steps and make a smooth transition to 4G. Here are four steps to prepare for phasing out 2G and switching to 4G.

1. Inventory Current Equipment.

The first step is to take inventory of your current equipment and systems still using 2G networks. This will provide a clear picture of what needs to be replaced or upgraded. Check the functionality and performance of the devices and note which ones are essential to your operations.

Questions to consider:

  • Which devices and systems still use 2G?
  • Are these systems deployed in other countries outside of Belgium?
  • What is the lifespan of this equipment?
  • Are replacement parts or upgrades available?

Contact AllConnects for a detailed analysis of your current equipment and advice on the best replacement options.

2. Evaluate New 4G Devices and Technologies

Research available 4G devices and technologies that are compatible with your current systems and business needs. Choose devices that not only meet your current requirements, but are also future-proof with options for further upgrades.


  • What are the costs and benefits of new 4G devices?
  • Do the new devices offer additional features or improved performance?
  • Are modular or "future-proof" options available?

Discover the latest 4G solutions and technologies by requesting a consultation with AllConnects.

3. Make a Cost-Benefit Analysis

Conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis to understand the financial implications of transitioning to 4G. Consider both the direct costs of new equipment and installation and the indirect benefits such as improved performance and reliability.

Elements to analyze:

  • Acquisition cost of new 4G devices
  • Installation and integration costs
  • Reduction in operational costs through improved efficiency
  • Potential returns from new features

Let AllConnects help you prepare a detailed cost-benefit analysis to ensure a smooth transition to 4G.

4. Plan the Transition

Create a detailed transition plan that takes into account the phase-out timeline of 2G and the availability of 4G networks in your area. Work with your telecom provider and technology partners to ensure a smooth transition and minimize potential disruptions.

Key steps:

Establish a timeline for the transition. See if there are times when the vehicles and/or machines involved will be idle at 1 location so that removal and installation can be done smoothly, such as a construction leave or collective closure.

  1. Communicate with stakeholders and employees about the changes
  2. Test new systems and provide training as needed
  3. Have a backup plan for unexpected problems

Schedule an appointment with AllConnects to develop a customized transition plan and prepare your business for the future.

Why the Transition to 4G is Important

The transition to 4G not only provides a solution to the inevitable phase-out of 2G, but also offers many benefits such as faster speeds, lower latency and better reliability. This leads to improved business processes, higher customer satisfaction and new business opportunities.

Advantages of 4G:

  • Faster data transfer and improved network performance
  • Larger capacity and better coverage
  • Support for advanced applications such as IoT and telematics

By following these steps, your company can effectively prepare to phase out 2G and enjoy the benefits of 4G technology. Contact AllConnects for more information and support in transitioning to 4G.

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