Keep your offices clean with IoT technology

Keep public areas clean with quick QR notifications.

Large office buildings or public spaces are frequently used on a daily basis. The cleaning, technical maintenance and possible repairs of these spaces require a great deal of organisation and communication with the mobile teams. It is also difficult to ensure that users are not inconvenienced. By using TAG.QR-NFC, everyone works together in a simple way to keep a communal area in tip-top order. Read below to find out how it works in practice.

CHECK.connects, powered by All-Connects, was selected to participate in the NEW WORK project of THE BEACON SMART HUB in Antwerp. The building on the isle will be opened up as an experimental living lab to test new technologies, which contribute positively to health, well-being and productivity in the workplace.

The customer | The Beacon SMART HUB

The Beacon is an IoT community that connects startups, entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers and visionary thinkers. The team is headquartered at The Beacon Innovation Hub in Antwerp, where they have large (office) spaces, with multiple meeting rooms and washrooms throughout the building.

Their challenge

Sanitary rooms in large office buildings are used daily by their own employees and by many external visitors. Keeping these public areas tidy can therefore be a challenge. It also happens regularly that you find empty toilet paper dispensers and soap pumps. This is very annoying, but for the people responsible, it is a challenge to keep these areas clean and orderly at all times. Therefore, an efficient solution was sought with which everyone could be satisfied.

Our Solution

You only have one pair of eyes and can only be in one place at a time. That's why in this case we opted for a solution in which everyone can do their bit for a clean and tidy washroom. With a TAG.QR-NFC, both people with and without access to the platform can make a notification. This QR code application turned out to be ideal for the requested functionality: Everyone can scan a QR code, linked to a device or room, with their own smartphone and open a 'guest page' on the CHECK app (without login details or compulsory registration). Via a handy form with targeted, relevant questions, the user can quickly pass on a report, and even add a photo to illustrate a defect, damage or unhygienic situation, for example. THE BEACON's office manager receives an instant notification and can immediately launch a follow-up task.

In practice

We installed several tags in all sanitary facilities. Whenever people visit the sanitary facilities and notice an empty toilet paper dispenser or no more paper to dry their hands, they can report this to the person in charge by scanning the TAG.QR-NFC and selecting the correct message. It is also possible to pass on other notifications, such as a blocked toilet, leaking tap, defective hand dryer, ... Besides the tags, we provided a clear, short explanation that also tells visitors how they can pass on a notification.

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