Track & trace ensures fast intervention

Track & trace: nothing but benefits

Knowing who is where. That was the main reason for BVL to start using a track & trace system. The choice to work with All-Connects was quickly made. And rightly so, as it turned out.

BVL grew and there was a need for a good overview

Since 1994, BVL has grown from a secondary profession, through a one-man business, to a well-run company with more than 20 employees.

Bart Van Limbergen, manager of BVL, says: "Many people think: these are the guys from the airco. But we do much more than that and provide a house with all energy techniques such as heat pumps, underfloor heating, solar panels, ventilation, ...".

The reason to go for a track & trace system? A number of break-ins in their vans, but also a high demand for urgent repairs, and therefore more insight into the whereabouts of all vehicles.

Meanwhile, 10 service vehicles and 3 representatives with a geo-location device in their car are on the road to take care of BVL's total solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation and energy down to the last detail.  

Track & trace: instant overview, correct data and control

Being able to quickly call in someone for an extra intervention based on the location or checking when an employee will arrive at a customer if there is a delay, for example. That is what the geolocation system of All-Connects is mainly used for today. Bart explains:

Bart Van Limbergen, manager BVL
 "It also comes in very handy when it happens that a technician forgets to fill in his hours on the customer's receipt. And then you can check how long he was there. Or the other way round: if a customer receives an invoice that he disputes, because he claims that the technician hasn't been there that long. Then we can always check that and there is no more discussion."

The workers who drive the vehicles know that there is such a system in their vehicle that can check them, but that it is not used to look at every day and point the finger at workers. There is also some control on the hours that they enter, but that is only if the person in charge feels that something is starting to go wrong somewhere.

A very user-friendly platform

The platform is used by Bart himself, but also by the service and maintenance planner and the project staff. A login and 5 minutes of explanation. That's all a new employee needs to get started.

"I think All-Connects has a very user-friendly platform. Everyone can work with it very quickly. I have little to say about it. It's perfectly what we need."

All-Connects: a good connection instantly

It was not a long search for a good partner for a solid track & trace system. Both the first contact with All-Connects and the price and possibilities of the platform were good.

"If that connection is right with someone who comes over here and that price is right, we're not going to compare five more prices."

The implementation also went smoothly. BVL has now been working with All-Connects for almost 10 years and nothing has ever gone wrong. The pleasant contact is also greatly appreciated:

"It's not a rigid process, it's a loose process. You ask something and it is answered immediately or at least within one day. That's all it takes."

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