What to look out for when purchasing fleet management system?

How quickly is fleet management evolving?

| Jan. 2023 |.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has led to more connected, safer vehicles thanks to the use of engine sensors, automation and new tools designed to streamline operations.

With this new technology comes a new world of benefits, including cost savings, improved safety and better compliance. However, as fleets introduce more vehicles and regulations continue to change, the abundance of data increases and requires more administrative attention from fleet managers.

Fleet managers with cross-departmental responsibilities may not always be closely involved in these operations. Analyzing data and identifying opportunities for improved efficiency requires certain skills that are difficult to demand of someone wearing multiple hats.  

The key is to select the best Telematics fleet management software partner for your needs. With the right vendor, your company can benefit from:

- Less administrative burden

- Access to specialized expertise

- Connections to supplier partnerships and volume discounts

- Direct connections to OEMs for the latest and greatest production information

- Streamlined fleet services, all under one provider

What questions to ask a fleet management system provider?

Here are a few crucial questions you should ask any fleet management provider you are considering working with:

What is customer service like?

You want to work with a company that you know will answer the phone if you have a problem. You should be able to reach the help desk through a direct phone number, not an 800 number, where you have to go through an endless waiting menu. If the fleet management company values customer service, they will provide a direct phone number.

All-Connects has legendary customer service, and makes every effort to help the customer as quickly and completely as possible, so that no time is lost.

What fleet services do they offer?

Every fleet is different. Your business needs may be completely different from those of your competitors, and not every fleet management company will offer the same services. Ask enough questions to assure yourself that the proposed fleet management system can indeed handle everything you need.

All-Connects has several fleet management solutions, which can always be combined according to the customer's needs and available budget. Ask us to explain all possible functionalities, and get a comprehensive demo of our software packages.

What do their customers say?

Check online reviews on Google and other relevant online sources or ask for customer references. You can also ask your network for recommendations. The company may have case studies and reviews on their website, but these may highlight customers who have had positive experiences.

On the All-Connects website, we have indeed collected a number of positive use cases , and we can put you in touch with customers in your industry who are already working with our fleet management systems, so you can listen directly to their real-life story and ask questions directly without our intervention. Contact us for more info on this!

What should fleet managers look for in a fleet management software?

Fleet managers should always make sure they invest in a cloud-based fleet management system. By storing data in the cloud, information can be accessed 24/7/365 from any device and location with an active Internet connection. This is especially useful for fleet managers who need to spend a lot of time in the field but still need to keep an eye on the fleet.

Core features a company should look for when switching to fleet management software or buying for the first time are:

- Automation tools:

Customized alerts and in-cab notifications can inform drivers and fleet managers in real time of route changes, vehicles going off course and poor driving behavior.

- Data insights :

Having data is one thing. But understanding data and turning it into decisions is crucial. Customizable dashboards and reports that use artificial intelligence can identify and anticipate problem areas ahead of time.

- Safety Analysis:

Safety is an important part of any fleet management software platform. Understanding where your vehicles are and how they are being driven is essential to maintaining a safe workplace.

- Performance Measurement:

Vehicle performance and utilization are perhaps one of the most important factors in controlling your fleet costs. From performing routine maintenance to detecting vehicle performance issues before they become a problem, fleet management software helps ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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