Our smart track & trace technology

With our track & trace solutions such as time registration, material tracking, site registration, geofencing and GPS tracking, you monitor and manage your mobile employees, fleet, materials, machines and infrastructure in 1 app on your PC, tablet or smartphone. This is how you reduce your operating costs, make the most efficient use of your resources and encourage your employees to become more responsible.

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By managing your mobile workers, vehicles and assets smartly with, among others, track & trace for your vehicles, time registration and tracking of equipment, you get objective figures to maximise their performance. This is how you reduce your operational costs and boost your business results.

Less fuel costs
Less fuel costs
Save € 2,792
per vehicle
Less downtime
Save € 10.58/hour
per vehicle and driver
Optimised route planning
Deliver 25% more
per year
Less unnecessary overtime
Less unnecessary overtime
Save € 4,713 per employee
per year
Fewer fines, insurance costs, etc.
Save 4.6%
per year
Real-time overview of your logistics
Save € 25,796 per year
76% more efficiency
Reduced costs due to theft and loss
Reduced costs due to theft and loss
Recover 95%
of your lost or stolen assets
No more lost or miscounted assets
Save € 3,000
in your annual stock count
No more manual errors
Work 75% faster with
an error margin of 0.5%.

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Which track & trace systems are best suited to your company and what you are looking for? Which method reduces your costs, optimises your operations and allows you to quickly adjust your planning if necessary? We understand that you would like an answer to that right now.

That is why we provide you with a short overview of which systems you should use for which assets. Whether it is for your mobile employees, company vehicles, infrastructure or machines and materials. Or as an agricultural company for your manure transport. We explain in a few sentences how our track & trace technology can help you. Enter your details below and receive our company catalogue in your mailbox. You should definitely do it. It is free of charge.

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