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Welcome to the All-Connects platform page. Choose below the platform for which you have subscribed, login and start working. Depending on your responsibilities or location, choose to work on the desktop version, or open the app on your smartphone or tablet. We wish you a lot of fun working here!

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Specialised software for managing your fleet and employees on the road: Checkin@work, AGR-GPS manure transport registration, incert approved TT alarms, ... Login to the PC application to connect with your vehicles and field service. Are you an approved manure transporter and do you have our AGR-GPS system to register your manure trips in your cabin? Then download the mobile app AGR-GPS fertiliser feeders on your device to be sure of automatic software updates.



Always keep an overview of your machines and materials: CHECK.connect provides a clear overview of all your company assets in one central online management application, so that you can monitor them anytime, anywhere. Login on your PC or download the app on your smartphone. You will be connected to your company assets in no time!



Professional management of your fleet and mobile employees. Depending on your business situation, the desired functionalities and the size of your fleet, you can opt for basic or professional tracking. Connect on the PC with your FLEET.connect application (start or pro). Are you an administrator? Then download the FLEET.manager to your smartphone so you can track your vehicles and drivers anytime, anywhere. Your drivers can download the FLEET.driver app to stay in touch with dispatch.



Track your international shipments worldwide and follow them online. Connect to the online platform and check where your containers or transport are located, anywhere in the world. Share the tracking link with your customers so they too can rest assured that their shipped goods are safely en route through the transport chain.


AGR-GPS neighbourhood control

The AGR-GPS neighbourhood control is mandatory for manure transport via neighbourhood control since 2020. Connect with the application on your PC to add your vehicles, drivers and neighbourhood regulation contracts, and to view the driven trips. Your drivers can download the AGR-GPS neighbourhood regulation app on their smartphone to register the trips.

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