Asset tracker

Track and manage your equipment and machinery with asset trackers

Think forward and equip your enterprise assets with smart IoT sensors or asset trackers. You monitor them all in 1 asset management software on your PC, tablet or smartphone. That way you have a 100% correct view of their location and running hours in real time, plan maintenance and inspections perfectly and encourage your mobile work teams to handle them responsibly. And much more.

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Locate your tools and machines

Are your tools and machines sometimes taken away without notice or put away somewhere and forgotten? Do assets often move from site to site? With our active and passive material trackers and the linked asset tracking software, you maintain an overview, know when maintenance is needed, how many hours on the counter, ...
Features used: location determination, track & trace

Asset tracking software
Equipment management software

Track & secure your valuable tools

Materials and machinery you leave unattended can easily be stolen. Set up a geofence security zone around them or have motion sensors automatically send an alarm notification to the person in charge the moment someone picks them up or tries to run off with them.

Features used: loading area security, geofence security zones

Automate your processes

Frustrations, lost time, incorrectly reported information, unnecessary repair or replacement costs due to a maintenance service or inspection that is done too late: you avoid it all by automating your manual tasks through our asset tracking software. For example, with a reservation system, automatic identification and registration of users and follow-up of machines and materials in use.

Functions used: hours registration, material management, maintenance management, reservation and follow-up system, location management

Automate your processes

The most requested functions for an ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for machines, tools and infrastructure


Locate and track your tools, wherever they are

Recording of running hours

Monitor the status of your machine fleet remotely: registration of running hours, maintenance alarms, battery, fuel level, ...

Maintenance management

Automate your maintenance planning and keep track of your machines' maintenance logs and inspection reports online

SMART QR messages

Let employees and outsiders report unsafe situations, rubbish, damage, stock replenishment, ... via a QR code on the spot.

Automatic alarms

Receive an instant alarm when your tools and machines go outside the safety zone you have set up

Reservations & orders

Link your tools to your employees, yards and time slots and record evidence of damage or loss

Task planning for mobile teams

Draw up a work schedule for preventive maintenance of your tools and infrastructure. Send your employees messages about possible problems

Performance analysis

Analyse the performance of your machines, from registered operating hours to maintenance planning

Getting maximum return on your valuable tools and machinery?
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Tailored to your business

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Target group

For every entrepreneur who wants to monitor and manage his materials, machines and infrastructure locally or on location.


location determination

security via geofence

maintenance management

reservation and planning

task planning

QR messages

Remote download of operating hours

upload digital documents


both small materials and large machines

indoor or outdoor use

powerful connectivity through combined technology

Thereafter € 7.50 per month

Target group

For any property manager who wants to get/keep a firm grip on the real estate in their portfolio.


automation onboarding new tenants

charging leases, certificates, construction plans

recording and secure retention of bank and deposit data

digital building inventory

plan, execute, follow up maintenance tasks

ticketing module for recovery requests


powerful connectivity through combined technology

Nearly 98% accurate worldwide

configurable from a distance

credit card size


low power battery with XL lifetime

fast charging possible

worldwide roaming included

Thanks for the quick response, we are very satisfied with the cooperation with the company All-Connects!

Earthworks & Transport Debacker-Vanryckegem

All-Connects Customers

"Each project manager does the purchasing for the yard himself. And when a project manager makes enquiries for other yards, we always pass on the All-Connects name."

Griet Emonts-gast, Project Manager Monument Vandekerckhove

All-Connects Customers

"You feel that as a salesman he has mastered that technical background. Jaimie juggles it, thinks it's cool and understands everything. He masters it and it will be all right. And we can say the same about his after-sales service.

Diederik Willems, Facility Unit Natuurpunt

All-Connects Customers

"We have a very good contact with All-Connects. They listen carefully to our needs and handle confidential information perfectly. For me, the big advantage is that they really think along with us. I really like the way they think and the speed with which they respond, and that is important to us."

Koen Peeters, Director Operations Conway

All-Connects Customers

"The system offers all the possibilities that seemed important to us. We are now using what we need. Looking to the future, we know that we can expand within the software, so in that respect we are also armed for the future."

Frédéric Langeraert, Purchase Manager MDO Technology

All-Connects Customers

"We have been customers of All-Connects for years, but at the time we looked at a few. All-Connects seemed like a company that knew what they were talking about. They showed us the software, which was straightforward and always working and up-to-date."

Sven Stuyven, Managing Director DIBO Cleaning Systems

All-Connects Customers

"We have had TT2 alarms installed in several new cars at All-Connects and would recommend them to anyone. It's a nice company with a super service team, nothing is too much trouble and they always answer very quickly. Everyone is very helpful and they think along with the customer. I can say that the customer is still king here!

Karin Terwan, owner of Choices

All-Connects Customers

"We are very satisfied with the way the cooperation goes. Whenever we need support, we get an answer very quickly, and the ordering of tags also goes smoothly. In our opinion, the cooperation is going very well!

Ton van der Hagen, ICT Hardware & Infrastructure Manager Iemants

All-Connects Customers

"We have been using the track & trace application of All-Connects for 10 years now. It's perfectly what we need. A login and 5 minutes of explanation. That's all a new employee needs to get started".

Bart Van Limbergen, manager BVL

All-Connects Customers

"We now finally have a good monitoring system with geofencing to ensure safe traffic on our quays and minimise accidents caused by speeding or driving."

Johan Lockefeer, Terminal Manager ICO

All-Connects Customers

"Everything is working again as it should. Thanks for the quick service. It's always easy with you, and that's certainly not the case everywhere. So very positive. Thanks a lot."

Kristel Beck, Van Moer

All-Connects Customers

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In this eBook, we explain to you what IoT technology is and why it's a smart idea to use IoT to manage your assets. You'll learn all about the different active and passive tags that can be used for specific applications (indoor or outdoor, real-time or periodic status monitoring, battery requirements, sensor size, ...), and we'll give you some interesting practical examples. Fill in your details below and receive our eBook in your mailbox.

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