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| February 2023 |

European legislation on tachographs, data recording and road safety can be difficult to understand, let alone master. If you are an entrepreneur who deals with international transport and logistics on a daily basis, sympathize! And if this is new to you, we'll briefly explain what the obligation entails.

The tachograph requirement

All trucks first registered on or after May 1, 2006, must be equipped with a digital tachograph. Driver data must be recorded on a digital card and all trip data from the card must be downloaded at least every 28 days.

From there, you have one of two options: you know all the ever-changing rules by heart and can keep track of each driver's hours, or you have someone do the work for you.

By all accounts, some of the more experienced professionals know most of the rules by now, but human input always begs for human error. If the math goes wrong, you risk a large fine. We're talking 3,000 to 60,000 euros, which is sure to put a dent in any wallet!

And while the second option will not completely prevent you from getting a fine, since it is ultimately the result of a driver's actions, it will give you a clear picture of the situation and fewer headaches in dealing with it. This is where digital tachograph data analysis tools such as Tachogram come in handy.

A tool specifically for tachograph data

If you enjoy going to a restaurant occasionally, you know that a very large selection is not always the best indicator of quality meals. In contrast, a shorter, more dedicated menu will tell you that the meals are thoughtful and very sophisticated. The same can be said here. Tachogram is a tool whose sole purpose is to read, analyze and display all the data recorded by a tachograph in a clear and easy way.

In short, converting this known way:

Tachograph data

To this digital form:

Read on to learn more about what "this digital form" means and what difference it can make to your daily operational operation! 

Indispensable functions for tachograph data analysis

It's not easy to make a choice when looking for a digital way to help you analyze your team's tachograph data, as most tools are similar. That's why we give you some important tips here so you know what to look for when choosing tachograph analysis software.

1. Clear and concise interpretation of tachograph data.

One of the most important factors for any tool is the user experience. If it is too difficult to maneuver and understand, it doesn't really matter how good it is because your employees will never want to use it.

Tachogram provides easy-to-understand graphs and dashboards, where the large blocks of information such as activity graphs, for example, are presented in an organized manner,. They can be viewed for each driver by day or week to understand their workload. They are made bright and colorful, but also divided into clear delineated blocks so that people with HVZ (color vision deficiency) can still use them easily!

Tachogram translates all driver card data into clear dashboard

If you are in charge of a larger group of people, you will certainly be pleased to hear that all the information you need is also available in exportable. All data, from driving to rest periods, distances traveled and countries traveled, can be easily accessed at any time of the day (or night).

2. Accurate display of driving and rest periods.

Tachogram is built according to a set of EU laws and regulations, such as the regulation on driving and resting times, the rules of the Mobility Package and others related to tachograph-related issues. Not only that; the team actively monitors all changes in these laws and ensures that the information is always interpreted accurately.

This means that not only is the information from the driver's card read, translated and displayed in a colorful graph, but you can also see directly in the dashboard if, when and what rules a driver has violated.

Ranked risk scores of all truck drivers

This allows you not only to see potential liability, but also to prevent recurring violations by explaining to the driver where they can improve.

3. Driver card automatic download once every 28 days

Notifications about upcoming tachograph file downloads, card expiration dates and calibration dates can be a lifesaver in the hectic day-to-day. Remember that each driver must download his/her driver card data every 28 days, while each vehicle's data must be downloaded every 90 days.

Now let's say you have about 50 trucks and 70 drivers, and each has places to be and a schedule to keep. People may want to put off administrative tasks until they get home. Understandably, once home, work is the last thing on their mind. Although vehicles can be set up to travel long distances, and unless you have the ability to download a remote tach, you need to make sure they are all back in before the download deadline expires.

It is almost impossible for any person to be diligent in their tasks 24/7. And a quick reminder can mean the difference between making a profit or taking a loss.

And because Tachogram offers mobile apps for Android and iOS, your team can immediately respond to the reminder and download their driver card data from anywhere!

The experience of freight carriers already using Tachogram shows that Tachogram has allowed them to operate without violations of data downloading for the past four years.

4. Tachograph data reports.

Any data analyst will tell you that data can be a very valuable resource if you ask the right questions and know exactly what you hope to accomplish with it. With this in mind, Tachogram has built multiple report forms that allow each team to get accurate numbers as and when they are needed. And new ones are constantly being created based on market needs.

Make your scheduling, accounting and payroll calculations quick and easy with reports such as:

- Work time summary by driver

- Working time overview by country

- Driver/vehicle download status

- Travel reimbursement per driver

- Driver risk rating

And much more!

Each of these reports can be generated for specific time periods, individuals or groups, including or excluding additional criteria for a more detailed view.

5. APIs for seamless business processes.

Finally, integration capabilities. If you run a business, chances are you work with several software platforms every day. So why would you want to add one more? Tachogram offers a great opportunity to integrate with other products to streamline information flow and lighten your team's workload. A perfect example is accounting.

Tachogram provides consolidated data, such as total work time, driving and rest time, down to details such as how many hours were worked during weekdays, vacations, during the day, at night, in which country and so on. All of this can be seamlessly streamlined into your accounting system, giving you an accurate data set for calculating your team's compensation.

Ultimately, it's best to choose a tool that not only helps you understand and track your team's tachogram data, but also helps maximize the information available to you. And that's when Tachogram is a smart choice.

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