What you need to know about the digital identification form as a waste hauler

Using a digital identification form waste materials

| November 2024 |.

An identification form must accompany every shipment of waste, except in the case of some exceptions. The responsibility for its format and content lies with the collector, waste dealer or broker, or the waste producer who makes his own arrangements for his waste. The transport of the waste may not leave until an identification form is present.

From 2023, it will be mandatory to use a digital identification form, delivered by a system approved by OVAM. Currently, the following systems have been approved:

- Pionira | https://www.pionira.be | code PIO

- Dashdoc | https://www.dashdoc.com/nl | DAS

- Ubidata | https://www.info.ubidata.com/nl/ewaste | code UBI

- DigiForm | https://www.digiform.be | DGF

- OMS software | https://oms4business.com | OMS

- LZP | https://lzp.nl | LZP

- Vesta Group | https://wastedesk.io | WDS

- Trust team | https://www.trustteam.be/nl/e-identificatieformulier | ZEN

Who bears what responsibility?

The digital identification form waste must be delivered by a system recognized by OVAM and improves the tracking of waste. The form provides an overview of the waste producer, collector, dealer, broker, carrier and processor, in addition to an identification of the waste. This digitization leads to better management and more sustainable use of materials.

It is mandatory for all registered collectors, dealers and brokers (IHM), and producers who make arrangements for their own waste. These are mainly waste processors and companies that carry out demolition activities. They usually have their own means of transportation and know the industry well, so they arrange their own shipments.

In addition to this IHM target group, other companies can make arrangements for the transportation and handling of waste. They must then either be affiliated with a system that can deliver a digital identification form or have their own system approved.

This involves a significant number of companies. In Flanders, there are 3,717 companies registered as IHM, of which 2,808 are Belgian companies. In addition, there are 2,265 companies with a permit to process waste at at least one location. The overlap between these two lists consists of about a thousand companies. Based on information from the VSOR (federation of demolishers and crushers of construction and demolition waste), the demolition sector consists of about a thousand companies and 350 licensed traders of construction and demolition waste.

It is important to note that transporters are not responsible for providing the digital identification form. However, they must ensure that the form is present during waste shipments and must complete it through the chosen system of the registered company making the arrangements for the shipment.

The responsibility of carriers is limited to the digital signature. They may not leave with the load until it is in order.

How is the waste identification form used?

1) Data must be entered before transportation takes place. These are dated and signed. If the weight is not known at departure, the quantity may be entered at the destination and a copy of the digital identification form indicating the quantity must be delivered to the waste producer.

2) The waste producer that has its waste collected by an IHM also receives a copy of the completed form. These documents are kept for a minimum of 5 years.

3) When you deliver your waste to a waste collector, dealer or broker, you will also be given a delivery receipt. The digital identification form also complies with this and can therefore also be used for this purpose.

Legislation varies by region!

Remember that waste identification form legislation is different by region. In Wallonia, digital AIFs are valid. Do you need to be in Brussels? If so, it's best to check with the service provider to see if the system is recognized there as well.

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