Manage your material or infrastructure digitally on location? Use SMART QR codes!

Damages and defects are not always reported. And do customers call you to empty a container? Then they expect you to be there the same day. With maintenance planning based on notifications via QR codes, you can make things a lot easier for yourself.

More efficient waste collection

Various cities and companies equip their waste containers and bins with a QR code. As soon as a container or bin is full, the employee or passer-by only has to scan the QR code to indicate that it must be emptied. As a city or company , you immediately receive the notification in your track & trace application and you automatically see which container and location it concerns.

Faster filling of empty dispensers

Not only waste containers and bins are managed more efficiently with QR codes. Soap and toilet paper dispensers in toilets are also used. One company had its dispensers equipped with QR codes and achieved remarkable results:

- 77% fewer control rounds

- 62% more real cleaning work

- 76% faster filling of empty dispensers

- No more complaints

- Cleaning on demand instead of standard cleaning rounds

Faster and more efficient follow-up of calls

And what about cleaning rooms, maintenance and repairs? Here too, QR codes make it a lot quicker and more efficient. An example? Katoen Natie has various logistical hubs at customers' premises, in ports and industrial centres, and close to major consumers. Each hub is gigantic and consists of 50% covered warehouses. Maintaining and cleaning all these warehouses was a logistical nightmare.

Dangerous situations, wrongly placed goods and rubbish lying around could not be reported quickly. Reports came in in different ways: via e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp, etc. Because they were not registered, nobody could check whether and when a report had been solved. The paper checklist was often incomplete or incorrectly filled in and regularly got lost.

Online control of cleaning teams

Katoen Natie now uses our track & trace platform to intelligently pass on notifications and manage the maintenance teams. The daily cleaning tasks are managed and followed up in an online checklist. The cleaning employees open the list on their smartphone every day and tick off the tasks they have performed. Is there a problem somewhere? Then they indicate it in an error report in the app. The facility manager can then create tasks to solve the problem and follow them up until it is solved.

Real-time notification management

Katoen Natie employees themselves, but also other employees of the port and companies, can use a QR code to open a page on their smartphone. On this page, they can use a handy questionnaire to pass on a report for the room they are in or the device they want to use. They can also add a photo to clarify the defect, damage or situation.

The facility manager receives the notification in real time and can immediately create a task. Each report automatically appears in the app in an overview. This in turn allows Katoen Natie to map out dangerous zones and recurring problems in just a few clicks.

Get non-binding advice

Want to know more about how QR codes allow you to get notifications faster so you can plan your cleaning, maintenance and repairs more efficiently? Get in touch with us. In a free and no-obligation conversation, we will listen to what you want and propose a solution tailored to your company.

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