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| March 2023 |.

You only have one pair of eyes and can only be in one place at a time. The logistics team in charge of municipal services often has their hands full answering and following up on telephone complaints about the state of local infrastructure. How often does it happen that you pass an overflowing garbage can, the toilet paper holder in a public toilet is empty, or something in the public spaces is defective (e.g. street furniture, a playground, a traffic signalization...) or creates an unsafe situation - just think of broken glass at a bottle bank.

With a simple system, a municipality can ensure that reports are registered in a digital way, and then can be followed up efficiently via assigning a task to an available employee.

Garbage can full? Report it via QR notification

Everyone is familiar with QR codes by now. QR codes had existed for years, and since the pandemic, the contactless experience via QR codes has received a real boost, and it became clear that QR code technology can be used for many other smart applications. At All-Connects, we link QR code technology with an online management application, CHECK.connect. Thus, we offer an all-in solution for materials management of municipal assets that may or may not be in the public domain. Via QR stickers on your infrastructure, you give citizens and tourists the opportunity to quickly and easily pass on a notification the moment they notice something in the streets that is not right. Your responsible managers receive these reports via the online management application and can assign a follow-up task to a mobile team to take action. In this way you can react faster and the citizen sees that the report is being followed up. This way you make your municipality smarter, and citizens feel more involved in policy.

How does a QR code work?

QR codes ( Quick Response codes) are a kind of bar codes, designed to read a lot of information in a very fast way, especially aimed at smartphones and tablets. Each QR code is unique, due to the size and distribution of the squares.To scan a QR code, the smartphone user only needs to point their camera silently at the QR code for 2-3 seconds and tap the notification that appears to access the information associated with the QR code. This could be a business card, a form to fill out, or a URL link to an online application.

No app or registration required to report

A QR code allows employees with access to the application, as well as external people without access, to report anything out of order 24/7. So anyone can use their own smartphone to scan a QR code linked to a device or room and open a "guest page" on the CHECK.connect app. No app needs to be downloaded for this, and no login credentials or mandatory registration are required. A handy form with targeted, relevant questions allows the user to quickly submit a report, and even add a photo to illustrate a defect, damage or unsanitary situation, for example. The municipal logistics team receives an instant notification of this, and can immediately launch a follow-up task.

Key strengths of QR code notifications for a municipality:

- A resident or tourist of your municipality does not need to have an app himself and can quickly make a notification. Thanks to the universal system of QR codes, it works anytime, anywhere.

- Abuse can be filtered by requiring the taking of one or more situational photographs. This allows the municipal employee to immediately see what the problem is.

Monitor equipment lending

All-Connects' CHECK.connect system does much more for your municipality than just automate notifications. For example, another application already deployed by other municipalities is the reservation tool to streamline the lending of equipment to employees and residents:

- Lending tool via convenient check-out and check-in

- A QR code on the loan material contains a URL link with a tutorial

- Assign an automatic task when material is brought back in damaged

- Maintenance scheduling of lawn mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, ...

CHECK.connect app for managing your business assets

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ps. Be sure to read our blog here about other ways you can use GPS tracking and IoT smartly in your municipality as a local government.

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