Smart tachograph V2: compliance made easy

| June 2024 |.

To ensure better working conditions for drivers and increase road safety, the European Union (EU) has introduced regulations requiring the use of the Smart Tachograph version 2. These regulations are crucial for logistics and transport companies operating internationally within the EU. What types of vehicles must comply, when and how AllConnects can help - read all the details below.

The Commitment and Due Dates.

The new tachographs automatically record border crossings and track driving and rest periods more accurately. These smart devices must be installed in all vehicles over 3.5 tons traveling internationally within the EU, with different deadlines:

* Newly registered vehicles: before Aug. 21, 2023

* Vehicles with analog or digital tachographs: by Dec. 31, 2024

* Vehicles with a Smart Tachograph version 1: before Aug. 19, 2025

Vans in View

From July 1, 2026, light commercial vehicles over 2.5 tons involved in international transport or cabotage within the EU must also be equipped with the Smart Tachograph version 2. This measure facilitates compliance, improves road safety and significantly reduces the administrative burden. Thanks to the integration of GPS, the new tachographs provide accurate location data and streamline enforcement of EU legislation.

Time to Act

We encourage companies to start preparing early for Smart Tachograph v2 integration, especially if they operate in logistics, public transportation or long-distance transportation. Early action prevents last-minute failures and compliance problems. Moreover, a proactive approach can create new business opportunities. By analyzing market niches, integrators can identify potential customers who need to upgrade their fleets and connect with them. AllConnects is ready to support these upgrades by providing the necessary technology and expertise.

AllConnects Is Ready to Help

To ensure a smooth transition, AllConnects offers hardware that is fully compatible with the requirements of Smart Tachograph v2. These professional trackers are designed for seamless integration into trucks, Category B vans, and other compliant vehicles, ensuring our customers are ready well ahead of deadlines. In addition to continued compliance with EU standards, fleet operators will benefit from improved operational efficiency and increased safety.

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