The Phasing Out of the 2G Network: Impact on Vehicle Fleets in Belgium

| February 2024

Belgium vs. the Netherlands: An Overview of the Timeline for 2G Extinction

In Belgium, the phasing out of 2G and 3G networks is being carried out with care and attention. Providers such as Proximus and Mobistar have confirmed that their 2G networks will remain operational until at least 2027 and December 31, 2030, respectively. This gives our customers ample time to plan and switch. As for 3G, although the networks are being phased out, the complete shutdown is planned between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2028, depending on the provider, but this is of less importance to our customers because we mainly work with 4G and 2G.

The Netherlands has a similar approach but they are switching slightly earlier. The 2G networks of Vodafone Ziggo, KPN and T-Mobile (Odido) will remain operational until at least 2025. Although 3G networks are already switched off, the gradual phasing out of 2G gives companies and users enough preparation time.

A Reassuring Message for track & trace customers

It is understandable that the announcement of network phasing out may raise concerns. However, there is sufficient time, as mentioned, to make the necessary adjustments. Currently installed units will continue to function as expected, and there is no immediate risk of discontinuity.

Why is the transition to 4G recommended?

Switching to 4G has its advantages, including:

- A speed increase of up to 2,500 times compared to 2G.

- Support for new technologies and services.

- Longer device life thanks to future-proof technology.

While the transition is important, the gradual phase-out provides enough room for a careful and thoughtful transition.

The Choice of a sustainable track&trace partner

When preparing for the future, choosing a good supplier is important. After all, you want a vendor who understands your business, and can help it grow. When discussing with a partner, be sure to consider several important aspects:

1) Innovation: integration capabilities, EV strategy, UI design

2) Technical: coverage area, CAN bus data availability, compatibility with your fleet

3) Organization: customer service, contract term, market share, installation network

AllConnects: Your Partner in Transition

AllConnects understands the concerns surrounding network phasing and always provides the right solutions. We proactively advise our customers on upgrading to 4G, while ensuring a seamless transition without disruption to current operations. Ask our specialists your questions and learn how we deliver on the points mentioned above.

Conclusion: A Gradual and Guided 2G phase-out

The phasing out of 2G and 3G networks marks progress in telecom, but does not bring an immediate need for change. With delayed timelines in Belgium and the Netherlands, you have more than enough time to plan and transition, with the support of a trusted partner like AllConnects. We are ready to guide you through this transition, making sure your fleet stays connected and operational.

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