Fleet management for road transport, logistics and distribution

Digital fleet management takes your business to the next level of operational efficiency.

Even temperature control during transport is possible

| May 2023 |.

Fleet management refers to all the activities involved in keeping commercial motor vehicles running on time, safely, within budget and efficiently. However, integrating and using the digital tools available to the fleet manager can vary greatly by industry and company.

Commercial fleets of all shapes and sizes need some form of fleet management. Fleet sizes can range from five to 10 vehicles, to large companies with thousands of commercial vehicles. The fleet management system can be simple or complex, depending on the requirements of your fleet. Regardless of size, a crucial part of fleet management basics is having systems and processes in place to ensure organized, seamless and secure operations. Our hardware and software packages for the transportation industry provide the flexibility you need to choose which available features are essential for your business.

Functions specific to road transportation, logistics and distribution

All-Connects offers "online" tracking & monitoring of your fleet, displaying positioning information in real time (one position every 30 seconds) or at time intervals of 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on your specific business needs.

Functionalities specific to road transport, logistics and distribution
Key monitor functions:
  • Kilometer registration
  • Geofence zones (notifications entry and exit geographical area)
  • Driver identification
  • Driving hours/hours of downtime
  • Immobilizing vehicle
  • Clutch & ID trailer
  • Tachograph
  • Consumption
  • Schedule of delivery rounds
  • Theft Alarm
  • Dynamic tracking
  • Opening of the doors
  • Profiling and driving behavior
  • Built-in screen for communication (free text, sending jobs) + navigation + in option traffic info
The All-Connects management applications, combined with the best available hardware, are optimized for:
  • Vans
  • Trailers
  • Trucks
  • Containers
  • Trekkers

Your benefits if you use a Fleet Management System from All-Connects

  1. Sustainable business: Keep your carbon emissions under control through an overall view of consumption, adjusting rounds and preventive maintenance.
  2. Become an administrator who is close to his drivers: follow their activities every 30 seconds. Anticipate any problem.
  3. Optimize the quality of your services: By providing precise information about loading hours, delivery, any delays, etc., you create good partnerships with your customers.
  4. Monitor each "couple": know which driver is driving which tractor, coupled with which trailer, possibly with which container!

All-Connects has the right geomanagement solutions for companies in transportation, logistics and distribution, as well as the necessary expertise to perform the installation and start-up flawlessly and quickly, so you don't have to count unnecessary downtime. Contact us to get a customized proposal that fits your specific needs.

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