The benefits of track & trace for the operational efficiency of machines

| February 2024

How to reduce the downtime of your machines and improve logistics operations?

In today's digital age, optimizing operational efficiency is crucial for companies that have machine fleets. Track & trace technologies play a key role in this, offering a range of benefits that totally transform the way companies operate with equipment on different job sites. In this blog, we go over the diverse benefits of using track & trace to locate and track machines.

1. Real-time location data

With track & trace, you know the exact location of your machines and can track them in real time if desired. This helps optimize route planning and minimize unnecessary mileage. It also allows you to react quickly to emergencies or delays.

2. Theft Prevention

By equipping machines with GPS tracking, you can prevent theft or increase the chances of recovering the stolen asset. If a machine is stolen, you can easily locate it and notify authorities.

3. Maintenance planning

Track & trace systems can help you plan maintenance based on actual hours of operation. From a distance, machine running hours are automatically downloaded and are available in the online management application. This helps the fleet manager to have a realistic picture of the current status of each leased machine. He can thus very efficiently create a preventive maintenance plan for each machine, reduce planned downtime and maximize the availability of your machines for rental.

4. Customer Service

You can give your customers accurate information about the expected arrival time of the machine. Through live tracking and inet set geofence zones, you can keep the customer perfectly informed. This improves customer satisfaction and strengthens your business relationships.

5. Data analysis

By analyzing track and trace data, you can identify trends, such as inefficient routes or excessive fuel consumption. This allows you to take proactive measures to improve efficiency.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, there are other ways in which track and trace systems can improve the maximum utilization of expensive machinery:

1. Fuel economy

By tracking accurate location data, you can avoid inefficient routes and optimize fuel consumption. This leads to cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint.

2. Increased security

Track & trace helps monitor the safety of your machines. You can react quickly to accidents, emergencies or suspicious activity.

3. Contract Compliance

Track & trace allows you to monitor compliance with contractual agreements. For example: keeping track of the rental period, preventing overuse, and returning machines on time.

4. Optimization of maintenance

By collecting data on usage and wear, you can predict maintenance needs and plan preventive maintenance. This minimizes unplanned downtime and extends the life of your machines.

5. Improved reporting

Track & trace systems generate detailed reports on machine usage, maintenance and performance. This helps make informed decisions and streamline business processes.

In short, implementing a track & trace system to manage your machines and equipment because you can track and analyze the location, status and performance of the machines you rent out. By using track & trace, you can avoid downtime of machines by:

- Prevent or detect theft, loss and unauthorized use of the machines.

- Detect and repair defects and damage to machinery early.

- Optimize machine efficiency and availability by making data-driven decisions.

- Better inform customers about the location, status and expected delivery time of machines.

Track & trace can therefore help you increase revenue, customer satisfaction and reputation by reducing downtime.

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