With a user-friendly track & trace system, ACA always stays on track

With a user-friendly track & trace system, ACA always stays on track

The independent inspection organisation ACA started with inspections of household electrical installations and became one of the leaders in this field. In the meantime, the range has been expanded to include inspections of water, sewage, gas, various tools, etc. The number of cars on the road has also increased to some 50. With such a fleet, it becomes quite a challenge to keep a good overview. ACA therefore went in search of the ideal solution for closely monitoring all these activities.

Track & trace: "a very useful tool".

The inspection company ACA chose the basic track & trace system of All-Connects. Thanks to a GPS tracker in each vehicle, they can check where all the vehicles in their fleet are located at any time. Data from the past can also be viewed.

Monitoring working hours employees

ACA uses this solution on a daily basis to calculate the working hours of its employees on the road. That is why they find the All-Connects Track & Trace system a very useful tool. But this solution has also proven its worth externally on several occasions. Kristine Vanheule of ACA says: "Customers who say 'that man has only been here 5 minutes' or 'he hasn't been at all' and then we see in the track & trace that our employee was indeed at the door. He stood at the door, for 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Then we can say that we saw it on the basis of the number plate. This is also used for customers."

This can also be useful for other external parties, says Kristine: "One of our employees had a traffic fine. The police claimed that he had been there for a very long time and I immediately went to look at the track & trace because I thought that wasn't true. So we sent an excerpt of the track & trace along with the fine. The fine has since been dismissed."

"Very fast service, which is very important for us."

Kristine is very satisfied with the cooperation with All-Connects:

"It is still the same contact person as in the beginning. If something is wrong or if we have a question about how the programme works, we get feedback very quickly or help in solving or doing certain things. We are actually very satisfied with that. It's very fast, you can take immediate action, you can schedule directly and for us that's very important."

Quickly equip fleet with track & trace

"Equipping a new car with the track & trace system is also very quick. Just a quick email to All-Connects and in less than a week the new tracker is installed and activated."

Overall a good report for All-Connects

User-friendly, customer-friendly, correct service. These are the key words that All-Connects evokes in Kristine. When asked whether she would recommend the track & trace solution of All-Connects to others, she answers with conviction: "Definitely! And there may be other things and applications in there that could also be useful but that we are not currently using."

This system is indeed very versatile and, in addition to the standard functionalities, can also be adapted to the wishes and needs of your company. Would you like to know what is possible? Then be sure to contact us via the form below or via the following consultants.


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