Happy with Track & Trace and Checkin@work

Administrative simplification thanks to smart tracking and reliable on-site attendance recording

Ramen Van Tomme had enough of all the manual administration and there was a need for administrative simplification. All-Connects came up with the right solution.

Ramen Van Tomme produces and installs aluminium joinery such as windows and doors. This mainly in project construction, but also for private individuals. Meanwhile, it is already the third generation that is fully committed to this every day and the company has also grown. Ramen Van Tomme currently employs about thirty people, ten of whom work in the field.

Manufacturer Reynaers Aluminium provides the high-quality raw materials and delivers the aluminium profiles to order. Manufacturing and carpentry take place in our own workshop in Eeklo. The result? A premium end product!

Automated system sought and found

Of course, this premium end product is also professionally installed by Ramen Van Tomme. This involved a great deal of manual administration in terms of monitoring the various sites and installation teams. They noticed that efficiency was declining, especially when more placers were added for follow-up.

A detailed mobility allowance was not yet in place because a proper registration system was lacking. Until the decision was made to use Track & Trace from All-Connects. Track & trace makes it very easy to record the kilometres travelled and to calculate a detailed mobility compensation.

As for the compulsory attendance recording at the large construction sites, there was certainly room for improvement. Every morning, they lost a lot of time with the manual check-in of the workers on these different sites. The need for a more efficient solution was very high. Thanks to the Checkin@Work automated presence registration system, this check-in now happens automatically after the employee arrives and identifies himself at the site.

These new applications of All-Connects have clearly made administration at Ramen Van Tomme a lot easier.

First, learn to badge correctly 

Tom Heirman of Ramen Van Tomme explains:

 "What always plays a part in the transition to something new is the human factor. You have to teach your people to bathe correctly. They didn't have to do it before and now suddenly they do. There is always a bit of resistance to that anyway. It takes a while for them to get the hang of it. But of course it is not rocket science."

All-Connects: positive experience all the way!

"We started looking about three years ago and looked at various track & trace systems. Here All-Connects came out best both in terms of price and info. We asked for a quote in April 2018, and because we decided very quickly, we were already operational in June 2018," says Tom.

Ramen Van Tomme does not have any complaints or remarks about All-Connects. Also the communication went very smoothly. The question whether Tom would recommend All-Connects to other companies was answered briefly but clearly: Definitely!

Customer Ramen Van Tomme

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