AGR-GPS app neighbour regulation

Always sure with the AGR-GPS app neighbourhood scheme from All-Connects

The AGR-GPS app is easy to use on your own smartphone

The app is so cleverly designed that it is guaranteed to work for anyone, even if they don't know anything about computers or apps: simply follow the instructions, select a vehicle, trailer and contract, and press START/Load. No need to enter anything yourself. Thanks to this approach, the chance of mistakes is nil. On your PC, you can make all administrative changes such as vehicles, contracts and create trailers, even during the weekend. Up to 12 months ago, each manure trip/transport is displayed in a clear overview and on a map.

"We can't make it more fun, but we can make it easier".

100% error-free working

Our intelligent app ensures that no mistakes can be made during registration. The AGR-GPS app guides the driver during the fertiliser run from start to finish, with selection menus and automatic alerts. For example, you can't load twice. AGR numbers or number plates can only be changed in the desktop application on your PC. This way, you retain the necessary control, because a mistake is quickly made and can lead to a high fine. And as we all know, a fine weighs much more heavily than the price.

"Did you know that All-Connects is the largest AGR-GPS supplier, with +55% market share?"

Guaranteed quality with 24/7 customer service

We are a Flemish family business that has built up more than 12 years of experience in AGR-GPS systems. We are known for developing the most user-friendly, error-free apps. We know what we are talking about, and our customers can confirm this. Our helpdesk has become legendary among the many users of AGR-GPS systems for manure transport. It is not easy to use new technology and to follow the VLM guidelines correctly. Our team is trained to guide you in the best possible way. During the manure season we are on standby 24/7 for our customers, also outside office hours and in the weekends.

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