AGR-GPS for manure transporters

Always sure with the AGR-GPS from All-Connects

Apart from the neighbourhood regulation, since 2012 it is compulsory for each transport vehicle, used by a recognised manure transporter for the transport of manure or other fertilisers, to be equipped with an AGR-GPS device. The signals which are registered, go via a GPS computer server directly to the Mestbank in real time. In addition, the chassis of each approved trailer or semi-trailer must be equipped with a sensor. This sensor indicates with which loading space the manure should be transported.

"It is really easy to understand. With our previous system, I really had to watch what I had to do. Now it's just a few pushes and you're done" De Bruyne Agro, Assenede

The AGR-GPS device of All-Connects automatically registers all manure transports in conformity with the requirements of the Flemish Land Agency. It is an all-in solution for the registration of manure transport, communicating in real time with the server. Each time the data is uploaded, a check of the MAD number follows, with an error message if something is wrong or missing. The system simplifies your administration thanks to automatic registration and correct upload of the data to the manure bank.

"This is a very correct company. Jaimie is my contact person and he gives an excellent service, such as one rarely sees in companies these days. Congratulations to All-Connects!" Joris Beeckman, JMB Wall Anchors

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