Conway invests in track & trace and load compartment security

Conway invests in track & trace and cargo hold security.

100 vehicles delivering a wide range of food and non-food items to more than 1600 locations every day? Good monitoring and smart security are certainly important. Conway looked for and found the best way to keep things running smoothly.

Fast and smooth delivery with Conway vehicles

Conway is the specialist in on-the-go consumption. They supply everything for the 'on-the-go appetite' to newsagents, sandwich shops, petrol stations, amusement parks and thousands of other customers in Belgium. In addition to a wide range of food and non-food items, they make their customers successful with logistics services and smart shopping solutions. Conway's fleet consists of more than 100 vehicles of different types, such as multi-temperature trucks, trailer trucks and large and small vans.

Need for proper vehicle tracking & security

Some ten years ago, Conway was already looking for a global solution to reduce the driver's paperwork, trace vehicles and secure vehicles. Koen Peeters, Director of Operations, explains:  

"It was not so easy to find a partner that is specialised in all those aspects. Or you have to go to a gigantic, unwieldy programme that has everything, but is not tailored to our needs. That's how I ended up at All-Connects and how we split the device for the driver (for which we now have a separate solution) on the one hand and geolocation and vehicle security on the other (via All-Connects)."

A reliable tracking system was needed to better monitor all vehicles and check fines. In addition, they had to contend with thefts and better security was also a necessity. So they opted for load compartment security and an immobiliser.  

It requires an investment, but it is well worth it.

"For Conway, the comfort and safety of our drivers has always been very important. We have no hesitation in investing in them. If you can also prevent some thefts with this, you will have quickly recouped part of the investment."

Koen emphasises that you also need to invest time in the web application to get the most out of it. Especially in the initial phase, you really have to work with it to see how it works, what reports there are and how you can optimise it for yourself as quickly as possible. The drivers themselves quickly saw the benefits, according to Koen: firstly, with regard to their own safety and, secondly, because of the transparency about fines and damage claims.

"A wonderful tool for the people who monitor the fleet".

The web application is used by all employees of the transport department on a daily basis: monitoring and responding to real-time locations of all vehicles, comparing with previous journeys, checking fines (were we there, and who was driving?) or extracting reports (which vehicles were driving at the weekend?).  

"For the people who monitor our fleet, it is a wonderful tool. The more you use it, the more you experience its advantages. Both in terms of monitoring drivers and vehicles, you can do a lot with it." 

The use of pictograms, for example, allows Conway to get an overview quickly: "If we have to pick up a trailer somewhere, we open the map with all the vehicles and you can see from the pictogram which vehicle, which can actually pull a trailer, is closest." 

All-Connects: thinking along, partnership and trust

"We have a very good contact with All-Connects. They listen carefully to our needs and handle confidential information perfectly. For me, the big advantage is that they really think along with us. I really like the way they think and the speed with which they respond, and that is important to us."
"Sell the package and then go about your business? It certainly is not. That is one of the reasons why you continue to work with them. It feels more like a partnership than a customer-supplier relationship."

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