Track & trace with driver identification ensures correct information. Always.

Guiding field staff through geolocation to protect nature

Natuurpunt is an independent volunteer association that consists of several non-profit organisations. They work in various fields such as nature protection through purchase or management, the study and monitoring of nature and nature education.

This year, Natuurpunt exists 20 years. In those 20 years a lot of work has been done to protect nature. Figuratively but also literally. Are there places that are difficult to reach by public transport? Then the various non-profit organisations can make use of seven pool cars.

Need for correct costing

Diederik Willems, Facility Management Officer, explains:

"The costs of the pool cars were charged pro rata to the various non-profit organisations. Not according to how many they drove, but according to the number of staff members. But that is not correct at all, of course. The people from management and study, for example, drive around much more than people from policy."

So there was a real need: correct costing. Preferably also with a lot less manual work.  

Correct info with Track & Trace and driver identification

Thanks to Track & Trace with driver identification, Natuurpunt now has a correct system with which all kilometres can be invoiced to the right services and no manual calculations are needed any more.

Did someone forget to make a reservation via the reservation system? Has someone not batched properly? Then the car can be found quickly.

As far as fines are concerned, the All-Connects system has also proved its worth. If it is not possible to find out who was driving the car, this system can always point them in the right direction.

A convenient and user-friendly platform

At Natuurpunt they are positive about the platform. They find it handy and user-friendly. Managing and creating new users is very easy and you can get an incredible amount of data from it.

Diederik talks about another plus point:

"You can also put your maintenance alarms in there. When maintenance is due, technical inspections and things like that. We didn't have that before. That is an advantage that we have also taken out. In the past, we had to keep track of all that in Excel and extract the kilometre readings. Now it all arrives automatically in your mailbox."

Current badges to be retained

Natuurpunt wanted the company badges that employees already use to check in and out to also be used for the track & trace system. When they went looking for a track & trace partner, this turned out to be less obvious than they thought, says Diederik: "Bert talked to about four companies but All-Connects was the only one that could get it done - with brio anyway. They really had to put in a lot of effort. Apparently, it really wasn't easy.

An account manager who lives up to everything

There is nothing but praise for account manager Jaimie from both colleagues in the Facility Unit Bert Jacobs and Diederik:


Diederik: "You feel that as a salesman he has that technical background. He juggles it, thinks it's cool and understands everything. He masters it and it will be all right. And we can say the same about his service afterwards.
Bert: "Diederik and I were quickly convinced that we wanted to work with them. That had to do with what they could do with the badges and also with Jaimie himself. Jamie didn't promise anything he couldn't deliver and delivered on everything. And that's a very nice way of working. You don't buy a pig in a poke.
Customer Nature Point

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