Efficiency through a central digital management application

Efficiency with track & trace and time recording

With several salesmen and technicians on the road, it is not always easy to keep an overview. And correct time registration? That is not always obvious either. For DiBO too, this was a quest.

DiBO salesmen and technicians on the job

DiBO Cleaning Systems is a Belgian manufacturer of heavy-duty cleaning systems for the professional customer. The 2 sales offices in the Benelux (DiBO Belgium and DiBO Nederland) have about 15 salesmen and technicians in the field. DiBO works with an extensive dealer network. Each salesman has his own region with dealers to follow up. As for service, a lot is taken care of by the dealers. The field service team is rather limited in size, but it is an important team where efficiency is very important.

Track & trace: optimisations and better planning

A track & trace system is already easy to prove to the tax authorities that it is a company vehicle. But there were also a number of other issues that revealed the need for such a system.

Sven Stuyven

Sven Stuyven, Managing Director of DiBO Cleaning Systems, explains:

"It was mainly to be able to do the planning very well so that we know exactly where someone is standing and has left. This gives us a yardstick for optimising and for working in a planned way. For example, regarding the dealer visits: more or less per month or plan them better so that fewer kilometres have to be driven. In addition, we can substantiate the working hours in discussions with the customer and, very exceptionally, protest against an incorrect fine."

The ideal solution for correct time recording

A correct time registration for the technicians? That was not so obvious for DiBO. How can you determine what hours someone has worked when he is leaving for the customer or returning home from the customer? You have to have an official time registration report for that. At DiBO, transparency is also very important: "We have to be able to be very honest with our employee and say 'Look, you have to make 8 hours but you worked half an hour overtime yesterday and that has to be paid by us. Done.' And All-Connects had a solution for that. Our technicians can do perfect tapping in the car."

The benefits far outweigh the costs

"You pay for the hours of installation of the black box in the car, you pay for the black box itself and then you pay a monthly subscription and then you are done. Is the car worn out after 4 years? Then I call All-Connects and this is transferred to the new car and that is a few working hours. The benefits far outweigh the costs, I think, because your team can be monitored at any minute of the day. You have the overview."

How does DiBO use these solutions in practice?

"The planning people, both sales and technical, use the track & trace system every day to see who is where and so on. So do I, and so does the sales manager. This is used very intensively. The overtime is taken out of it every month. Reports for prognosis or analysis? We usually do those monthly as well. For example, we optimise the dealer visits so that the same number of visits can still be made on a day, but only half as many kilometres have to be driven."

All-Connects: "Reliable, qualitative and customer-friendly.

"We have been customers of All-Connects for years, but at the time we looked at a few. All-Connects seemed like a company that knew what they were talking about. They showed us the software, which was straightforward and always working and up-to-date."

DiBO is also full of praise about All-Connects concerning the cooperation after implementation: "Customer friendliness is top, you always get a good answer from those people and I think the product is also a qualitative product, it does what it has to do. Both the hardware in the car and the software, the platform, are very important. Because you can do measurements but if your software can't be consulted or the server is down or something, no, none of that happens."

Automatic time registration eases the work for HR and is 100% accurate.

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