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Clarity with track & trace and driver identification


Aertssen had to look for a new partner for a track and trace system a few years ago. At All-Connects it turned out that replacing Aertssen's existing tracking equipment was not necessary. That is why they went into business with All-Connects. And they have certainly not complained yet.

Aertssen: a fast-growing company with fast-growing needs

Aertssen is a Belgian family company that is mainly active in earth moving, such as excavations for construction projects. But their "Construction & Infra" department covers a lot more. Other departments complete Aertssen's extensive offer: They also take care of (material) transport, focusing mainly on exceptional transport. In addition, there is a crane department which carries out all lifting activities.

For more than 50 years you can rely on the expertise and the state-of-the-art machinery of Aertssen. They work nationally but also internationally, from neighbouring Germany to the Middle East.

Who, where and when? Aertssen is now perfectly aware!

The reason to start with a track & trace system - at that time via another partner - was very simple. Danny De Backer from Aertssen explains:

"We had to search for vehicles regularly. Where is that car? And then we started deploying a track and trace system to know where our equipment was."

The previous company Aertssen worked with went bankrupt after a few years and so they went looking for a new partner. They found it in All-Connects. And since then the start-up package has been expanded with even more interesting applications.

Nearly 500 vehicles are now equipped with a geolocation device and some 300 units also have driver identification. As far as the crane department is concerned, each crane operator's vehicle has driver identification. This is also present in some cranes without a regular driver.

"We lost a machine once and we found it again thanks to All-Connects. That machine was already across the border. Now we always know where everything is. If there is a fine for speeding, it can also be allocated to the right person," says Danny.

Easy monitoring via automatically generated reports

In some departments of Aertssen they use automatically generated reports to check which unauthorised employees drive the cars at the weekend. The reports can also check whether employees have left for certain sites on time. This is especially important for the crane department, which works in a very time-constrained manner. Ready to hoist at 8 a.m.? Thanks to the digital time registration, the arrival time can easily be checked. 

All-Connects: perfect cooperation

In terms of price and possibilities, All-Connects was certainly right. But especially the fact that Aertssen already had an existing system and All-Connects was prepared to reconfigure those 200 units so that they also worked with the All-Connects system was an important factor in the decision-making process.

Since the start of their cooperation, Danny cannot say a bad word about All-Connects. Even more: in the meantime, Danny has even recommended All-Connects to other companies on several occasions.

"I may not say 100 %, but I am still 99.5 % satisfied. I must say - and they will agree - that our cooperation is perfect. We are very satisfied with the cooperation, also with the staff there. It's perfect."



Aertssen Bouw en Infra customer

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