Error-free hour registration thanks to GPS tracking

HVAC company monitors employees' hours thanks to GPS tracking

Asaniverko's Boom-based employees carry out maintenance, repairs and replacements of central heating boilers. Occasionally, a customer would dispute the invoice. Today, the company can prove the hours worked with the figures in hand. The GPS app from All-Connects prints them out for them.

Asaniverko was founded in 1994 and today employs some twenty people. Every day, technicians travel through their assigned region aboard one of the thirteen company vehicles. They go to clients' premises for maintenance and repairs. They know their trade and thus enjoy a fairly wide degree of autonomy. But always in the knowledge that they represent Asaniverko.

Customer does not agree

The technicians had the task of recording the hours worked and the materials used, and in the evening they brought in all the data to process them for invoicing. A time-consuming and energy-consuming task. It was very annoying when a customer, sometimes weeks after the execution, questioned the charged hours.

The solution was obvious. Using GPS tracking, Asaniverko could accurately follow which technician was working on which customer and for how long. However, this was not possible with the GPS that was installed in the vehicles at the time.

Marc Broodhaers, CEO of Asaniverko, explains why the decision to intervene was urgent:

"The solution of our former Dutch partner did not meet our expectations at all. The GPS connection often left much to be desired and the recording and calculation of hours worked proved impossible. In case of problems - and we encountered these regularly - the service offered was also inadequate."

Service never far away

So Asaniverko went looking for a new partner and found one nearby, in Kontich.

Marc Broodhaers, CEO
"We went to see the local All-Connects and the feeling was immediately right. They not only understood our situation, but immediately had a ready-made solution ready. They also guaranteed us good follow-up and after-sales service. After previous bad experiences, it was music to our ears.

The All-Connects team adopted a flexible approach. "The installation phase was divided into two parts so that we could still send enough vehicles on the road. Further follow-up could be done by phone. We have already noticed that agreements are kept to the letter."


Management and employees are now very satisfied with the GPS tracking system. It works fine and generates reliable data. The system stores this data, so that the details of each intervention are always available. Even long after the date. A print-out is enough to convince a doubting customer.

Marc Broodhaers:

"It is very handy that we can follow the daily progress of each employee in real time. As soon as an urgent intervention is needed somewhere, we know if and for which technician we can schedule it. We don't have to disturb anyone at work anymore."

Finally, the new system also improves administration. Collecting recruitment reports and coding information are no longer necessary. Everything happens automatically via digital means and without any chance of human error.

"The solution lives up to its promises, the service is more than okay and the price-performance ratio is fair," concludes the CEO.

Real-time follow-up of field staff through the daily schedule

Transparent overview per employee for correct mobility calculation

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