Registration on sites with Checkin@work

Registration on sites with Checkin@work

Tom Maïs from Maïs Automatisering was looking for a smart tool to register his employees on large construction sites. In his search, he quickly ended up at All-Connects. After the start of the cooperation, he also got acquainted with the track & trace solutions of All-Connects, which are meanwhile fully used at Maïs.

Maïs Automatisering from Sint-Katelijne-Waver has been a specialist in automation in horticulture, electro- and water technique, horse-riding schools and public green spaces for many years. The company is regularly active on large construction sites, where legislation requires the registration of personnel. In order to streamline that process, Maïs was looking for an intelligent badge system.

"I went online looking for possible partners from the neighbourhood, because I attach importance to regional collaborations," Tom Maïs begins. "In the end, the proposal from All-Connects was the closest to our needs. We are now using a Checkin@work module with a badge system, and it works very well."

Fleet always under control

The company also needed to be able to track its fleet of vehicles. "There are 15 vehicles equipped with the track & trace system. Via the handy, convenient app LIVE.connects, I can always see where the vehicles are. So I know where everyone is and can monitor the planning with it. I don't have to constantly call around to find out where someone is. When an urgent call comes in for an intervention , I can immediately send the employee who is closest to the customer."

Use ecodrive and driving behaviour analysis to coach your drivers towards responsible driving behaviour

According to Tom Maïs, a geo-tracking system is well worth its money:

"I told you recently that the system is one of my better investments of recent years. It simply pays for itself through the costs we save. In the past, there were employees who would run into traffic jams or drive across the street to pick something up. That no longer happens, because they know we are watching. Discussions about hours worked are also a thing of the past. It sometimes happens that a customer disputes a work order and says that we have charged too many hours. With this system, I have proof that those hours were actually spent, because we can see how long a vehicle was on site. My staff are also driving the vehicles more safely and less quickly."
With time recording in the vehicle, the progress of the working day is perfectly registered.

With time recording in the vehicle, it is perfectly possible to record how the

working day

Smooth service

"I am very satisfied with the services, cooperation and the service All-Connects provides. When we call, someone comes quickly or we go to Kontich. Our problem is then solved immediately. In short, I would certainly recommend All-Connects to other entrepreneurs," concludes Tom Maïs.

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