Reckless driving and overtime are a thing of the past with time recording and driver behaviour analysis

Reckless driving and overtime are a thing of the past with time recording and driver behaviour analysis

MDO TECHNOLOGY was founded in 2005 by business manager Peter Speecke, but has since grown into a cluster of companies, each with its own speciality. With 35 employees in the field and 12 employees in the office, the number of employees has also increased significantly.

Why did they start looking for a telematics solution provider?

Scheduling people in the field is not always easy if there is no tool available to measure the daily time distribution. Driving behaviour on the road is another element that we would like to keep under control, because no company wants to receive complaints about reckless driving, do they?

What was the result of those problems in the workplace?

The manager was quick to react and made the right decision to install a telematics device in the vehicles almost at the start of the company - when the fleet still only consisted of a few vehicles. By doing so, the company anticipated possible complaints about dangerous driving behaviour of drivers or discussions with employees about whether or not they had worked overtime.

What possible solutions were considered?

A comparative study of possible partners was carried out, and this showed that All-Connects offered all the functionalities that were of interest to us. Moreover, it is mainly active in Belgium, which also benefits the service.

Which All-Connects solution(s) do you use now?

Frédéric Langeraert, purchasing manager, explains:

Frédéric Langeraert, purchasing manager
"We use the software to pull visitor reports from the system and evaluate whether they match the reports that are made. The system also allows us to check certain things. Certain anomalies are reported by the system so that we can go deeper into the problem. We are also working on making our people more aware of driving behaviour: sensible use of speed and taking the shortest or fastest route.

Why did you choose our geolocation system?

The All-Connects system offers numerous possibilities that seemed important to us. We are aware that a lot more is possible within the system, but for now we are using the functions that are a priority for us. We know what else is possible, so in that respect we are also prepared for the future.


What would have happened if you had not made the purchase decision?

This is difficult to estimate, but it is certain that the integration of such a system would meet with more "resistance" if it had to be done in a larger fleet and with staff that has been in service for a longer period of time. In our case, the system is generally accepted as it was used from the start. It is much more difficult to correct a certain behaviour once it is more deeply rooted. We work on immediate sensitisation and this makes things a little easier.

What (measurable) results have you already achieved?

By focusing on driving behaviour and thus speed, we have established that the average consumption of our company vans has dropped by around 10%. Since we work in the metal sector, the loading of our delivery vans, combined with excessive speed, is a combination that can only lead to high fuel consumption. Furthermore, the number of offences has decreased significantly. The unauthorised use of the company vehicle outside working hours is also now fully under control.

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