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If you carry out major new construction projects with foreign subcontractors, you must be able to monitor this properly. This way, you can rest assured in case of any inspections. Monument Vandekerckhove went in search of a system that would make it possible to monitor the comings and goings on site on a daily basis.


Monument Vandekerckhove focuses on special building projects

Monument Vandekerckhove was founded in 1886 and is today one of the largest divisions of the Monument Group. Whereas the focus used to be on the restoration of churches, they now do general contracting. From there they have continued to grow in specific renovations, and in recent years new building has also been added. They mainly carry out projects in West Flanders, but in Antwerp they are now also doing well with large iconic buildings such as the cathedral and soon also the Boerentoren.

Their expertise lies mainly in special projects. These are often a combination of partial new builds, linked to the restoration or renovation of an existing building on one site.

Large new construction projects called for a control system

Because a number of large new construction projects involved the use of many foreign subcontractors, it was necessary to be able to keep a close eye on things. Griet Emonts-gast, project manager, talks about the need for a control system:

"To be able to keep an eye on everything, on who goes in and out and also in terms of Limosa, we were looking for a system to keep track of this. If there are checks, we want to be sure that everything is in order. Both Bellewaerde and Howest are two large new construction projects where we did this for the first time. It's really for those specific projects that we looked at it and bought it."

The choice fell on the All-Connects time recording system

After contacting two suppliers, the All-Connects solution was chosen. The All-Connects system seemed to fit in well with their wishes and the price was lower. In practice, a time clock was installed on site and a badge was used to check in on arrival.

There was also some tinkering with the solution so that it could do everything they needed:

"Together with All-Connects, we added another solution that allowed us to monitor the expiry date of the Limosa documents. The validity expires occasionally and if they are then present on a site, this can cause problems for us. So we actually had to check that constantly as well."

A daily report with all necessary information via e-mail

Griet is also positive about the online management platform. After some explanation, she was able to use it quickly. The daily report she received during the works provided a quick overview and saved her a lot of time:

"I received a report by e-mail every day with who was on site. All-Connects had set that up themselves. The status of the Limosa documents was included in the report so that we could follow up on it. Instead of going through all those papers in a folder, we could now see it more quickly. All that was easy to find in that one report.

 All-Connects: smooth communication and always available

As far as price-quality is concerned, All-Connects was very good. The start-up went smoothly and also the additional orders of the Checkin badges went without problems.  

"For the rest, we didn't really need them much. Only for the Limosa solution did we email and phone each other a bit, but that went pretty smoothly. The communication was open and we could always reach them."

Griet would certainly recommend All-Connects and does so in practice:

"Each project manager does the purchasing for the yard himself. And if a project manager makes enquiries for other yards, we always pass on the All-Connects name."


Customer Monument Vandekerckhove



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