Download machine hours remotely for correct invoicing

The search for a time recording system for correct invoicing

DEGRAEUWE RENTING ensures that technology receives the necessary care, because reliability is essential for profitability.

Since 2012, the company has specialised in the maintenance and repair of all cars, vans, trailers and various industrial equipment such as forklifts, compressors, power generators, excavators, etc. Thanks to the rental of young reliable mobile compressors, power generators and mini-excavators, they guarantee the continuity of each project. In order to shorten the time span of the maintenance or repair, the technicians come on site with a well-equipped intervention vehicle.  

Among other things, DEGRAEUWE was looking for a way to ensure correct invoicing to customers. The proposed solution is suitable for any kind of rental company renting similar, larger equipment such as aerial work platforms.

Connected to all machines on site

When hiring out larger equipment such as aerial work platforms, it takes an enormous amount of work to find out the correct number of hours worked each day. This makes the correct invoicing to customers sometimes a challenge. In addition, it is a time-consuming task to find out the exact location of each aerial work platform, which poses a problem when a rental ends.

Exact positioning with TAG.GPS

With the TAG.GPS, we were able to offer a solution that corresponded to the customer's needs and wishes. This smart sensor enables us to find out the location of each individual aerial platform, as well as an accurate determination of the hours of operation. This data is automatically transmitted to the platform, which can then be used to start the invoicing procedure, among other things.  

All data available online on the management platform with a single click

When all the work platforms were individually equipped with a TAG.GPS, it was easy to request the correct running hours per customer per day. Because of this, the invoicing now runs without errors, and cannot be disputed. With 1 click, one has access to an overview of not only the hours, but also the location of each work platform. When looking for a specific work platform in the mobile app, a simple click on the map is enough to start navigating directly to the work platform via Waze or Google Maps.

Customer Degraeuwe Renting Sint-Niklaas

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