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For the daily DHL transports, the necessary tracking must be guaranteed. Intersat, which was taken over by All-Connects, had already realised this for LIS Transport, so it was logical for TTC-LIS Transport to stay with All-Connects for those transports. But All-Connects soon proved that they could do much more for TTC-LIS Transport.

Partnership with DHL? TTC-LIS Transport meets the set requirements

A few years ago, LIS Transport was taken over by the distribution company TTC Transport, and they decided to continue working under their familiar name, known to their customers. They carry out 'dedicated' transports with distribution trucks, delivery vans and some tractor-trailer combinations. They are on the road daily for some 15 major customers.

They also drive dedicated vans for DHL. DHL likes to know where the vans are, so they can follow up on everything thoroughly. A track & trace system linked to the DHL Astrata system is therefore essential if you want to drive for them. LIS Transport has entered into a partnership with Intersat for this purpose.

From Intersat to All-Connects

LIS Transport was a customer of Intersat before it was acquired by All-Connects in the early 2020s. Kenneth Bryssinckx, Logistics Operations Manager of TTC-LIS Transport, explains:

"Intersat was able to establish the link with DHL's Astrata system. When Intersat was taken over by All-Connects, we continued working with the All-Connects team because the link already existed.

Towards 1 high-performance track & trace system

In the meantime, the cooperation with All-Connects has already been expanded further because the geolocation system of All-Connects is particularly popular.

"We use it on a daily basis for the DHL fleet. Especially for tracking the vans. We also extract the data afterwards to see what hours/days the lorries have been where for all customers. I also insert the data for the vehicles themselves: when they have to be serviced, when they have to go for a check-up... There is also a tool to communicate with the drivers, which is also very handy."

In addition to the 7 trucks that drive for DHL, another 15 trucks are now equipped with the track & trace system of All-Connects. The other lorries are still using the track & trace system of another provider with whom the company still has a contract.

An integral, well thought-out platform

"There are many useful functions in 1 management software. A lot of things have been thought of. What I really like is the monitoring of the vehicle fleet. The fact that you can indeed include those checks. You can also see in real time what the status of your battery is. Those are all nice things that I haven't come across on any other platform yet."

Customer TTC-LIS transport

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