Continuous tracking of valuable goods? Thanks to the WIFIWORLD tracker, you can have peace of mind throughout transportation!

The Lambrechts Group in Puurs was looking for a solid tracking system

Want to be able to accurately track your international shipments? That's always convenient, but for valuable goods, this is hugely important. Loss or theft of goods that are irreplaceable or have to be remade and cannot be recovered; that is a downright disaster. The Lambrechts company shares its experience with the WIFIWORLD tracker, a reliable device that allows you to meticulously track your shipment throughout its transport; even in containers.

The Lambrechts Group in Puurs produces, among other things, fully robotised lines that wash, sterilise and fill beer barrels and, in this respect, is responsible for an 80% market share in Belgium. In addition, Lambrechts Group also produces industrial washing installations for pallets, crates, containers, etc. for the food & beverage sector. The high-tech robot lines are shipped worldwide by container. For such long transports, they went in search of an accurate, durable and safe tracking system where continuous tracing is possible.

Jan Goossens (CEO) and Martijn van den Hoven (Supply Chain & Production Manager) of Lambrechts talk about their experience with the WIFIWORLD tracker, a solution from the Kontich-based company All-Connects.

Expensive robot lines are shipped to Africa

Worldwide tracking of valuable goods in containers

Tracking valuable goods: the WIFIWORLD tracker in a nutshell

Accurate tracking

Valuable goods or documents (such as custom-made goods, art, jewellery or securities) that are shipped internationally can be accurately traced and recovered in the event of theft or loss.

Small size

Easy to hide in a shipping container, parcel post etc. thanks to its bank card format.


Not a disposable tracker, but a reusable tracker that can be returned to the sender after receipt. Martijn makes the following point about disposable trackers:

"Disposable trackers - which are then usually attached to the outside of the containers - are always a lost cause anyway; the trackers are not recovered. If they are not already removed en route, because that also happens frequently, and then you suddenly lose your tracking as well."


With a global coverage of 98%, you have an extremely reliable and accurate result. Martijn adds:

"They also have a very long battery life. If you put a WIFIWORLD tracker from All-Connects in the container with a full battery, you're at peace."

WiFiworld tracking in practice

How does shipping with such a WIFIWORLD tracker now work in practice at Lambrechts?

1) The small tracker is packed in an envelope in a crate that is then placed in a sea container.

2) Via the mobile app or via the PC, Lambrechts and the client can monitor the shipment in detail, regardless of country, carrier or means of transport.

3) An opened container, a delayed container or a wrongly forwarded container? Everyone is informed immediately thanks to a notification that is sent.

4) Have the containers with robot lines arrived at their destination? Then the customer can send the tracker(s) back to Lambrechts by means of an envelope that is supplied as standard. Jan adds: "For us it is so that afterwards we also travel to those destinations to do the installations. So we can then ask the customer to just keep the tracker aside."

Et voilà, the tracker can simply be used again.

The great asset of the WIFIWORLD tracker: predictability!

The fact that you can track such a consignment perfectly and know where it is at all times has several advantages in addition to preventing theft or loss:

Customers can also track their shipmentson the platform. Martijn agrees: "They do look on it. It's nice to be able to follow your shipment. "What you sometimes see is shipments falling from the sky, so to speak. Suddenly, they are there. For our planning it is important that we can follow the shipment because we have to go and do the installations and inform our people."
Jan says: "It is important in a customer journey that there can be continuous contact. With long transports it is the only way for both parties to have contact with the product. So for the mindset of the customer and also for our good feeling, this is not to be underestimated." Good tracking is also advantageous as far as customs is concerned. Jan explains: "The customer sometimes has good connections with customs. If we can establish that things are stuck there for too long, this can also be anticipated, possibly by the customer themselves."

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