Calculation of mobility in construction

| October 2023 |.

The right to relocation expenses and mobility

Entitlement to travel expenses and mobility is determined on the basis of the means of transport used, more specifically, whether an employee makes this travel using his or her own means or, partially or not, using a vehicle provided by the employer. Moreover, the allowances for travel expenses and mobility depend on the actual distance covered per day.

The total distance (= distance to and from) should be calculated daily on the basis of the actual distance (total distance traveled per day). There is an allowance for travel expenses (social subscription) from the 1st km onwards. The mobility allowance only applies if the total distance covered per day is at least 10 km, except for a driver who transports personnel (who receives a mobility allowance as of the 1st km).

Calculation of mobility

"The mobility amounts, per kilometer, get higher the longer the trip."

In construction, Joint Committee 124, the first and last trip are paid per km, not per hour. For the mobility calculation, the real distance is taken, so not a straight line (bird's eye view). This mobility amount per kilometer may vary depending on the "STOEL": CHAUFFEUR - PASSAGIER without PASSAGIER - OWN TRANSPORT or CHAUFFEUR with PASSAGIER.

In certain "STOEL" positions, the amount will vary again based on mileage.

A | Movements under their own power, including passengers

For employees who commute to work by their own means (own transport, public transport), as well as passengers, the mobility allowance is set as follows:

The mobility allowance applies only from minimum 10km driving distance per day.

B | Driver with commercial vehicle, transporting personnel

The mobility allowance for the driver who transports personnel outside working hours with a vehicle provided by the employer to and from the workplace is €0.1579 per km actually traveled from the 1st km (amount since 01.05.2020). The driver receives the driver's mobility allowance for the entire trip, including for the part of the route he drives alone, provided he is transporting staff. If the duration of each trip exceeds 2 hours, there must be two drivers.

C | Driver with commercial vehicle, driving alone without passengers

As of 01.12.2019, a new category was introduced for drivers of employer vehicles that do not transport staff. In the past, these were not considered drivers.  


- worker who travels alone (i.e. without passengers) in an employer's company vehicle to the worksite

- the relocation occurs at the request of the employer

- No collective transportation is possible for this worker.  

For this category, the mobility allowance is 5% more than for passengers:

Again, rule of minimum daily driving distance of 10km applies.

Who is eligible for the additional mobility day?

From 2019, a mobility day was introduced for workers who receive mobility allowances for 43,000 km or more during the period from January to December. They are entitled to one paid mobility day per year. This day must be taken no later than March 31 of the following year.

If, for any reason, the mobility day is not taken (or at the end of the employment contract or suspension of the employment contract), it lapses and pay for that mobility day should not be paid.

An automatic calculation ensures correct payment of mobility allowances

All-Connects offers you an all-in solution for reliable registration and processing of the daily mobility of your mobile teams. View mobility hours per employee, with split morning and evening mobility. Check the hours worked on location, and monitor the follow-up of daily tasks, so that your post-calculation becomes child's play.

Check the recorded mobility data in your LIVE.CONNECTS dashboard

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