Asset management: the advantages of CHECK.connects for your company

Thanks to the CHECK.connects solution from All-Connects, you have an overview of all your material and devices in one digital platform. This way, you spend less time on repetitive tasks, optimise your operations and get a positive business result. Read more about it in this blog.

What exactly is CHECK.connects?

A clear overview is crucial in asset management. For example, as the person in charge, you must always know where your equipment is, when it needs maintenance and whether it needs to be replaced.

Wouldn't it be useful, therefore, if your business equipment and devices could 'talk' to each other and to you? That you maintain a complete overview of the location and condition of your business assets in one visual place? With our solution CHECK.connects we make this possible for you.

Thanks to the digital platform CHECK.connects you can map out all your assets and keep track of them. This way you can easily manage your devices, save time and optimise the operation of your company.


How does CHECK.connects work?

CHECK.connets works according to the Internet of Things technology. To make Internet of Things (IoT) possible, all your devices and vehicles are equipped with sensors or 'tags'. These tags can register useful information about the state of your equipment. Think of the location, temperature, humidity, sound, light, movement, acceleration, and so on.

You can - thanks to the connection to the Internet - view the registered data of all your devices remotely on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The sensors are also available in various sizes, types and with different ranges. So even your smallest devices can wear a sensor.

This is how we proceed:

  1. You receive the necessary tags
  2. You label all the devices you want to follow up with the tags.
  3. You scan the tags, which creates a connection to the CHECK.connects platform.
  4. You can view the recorded data and insights in real time in an application on a smartphone, tablet or computer.


What are the advantages of material management with CHECK.connects?


All the data you need to manage your assets is in one application on your smartphone. When you need certain information, you no longer have to search in different folders throughout your computer. Everything is immediately at hand. Literally.

Time saving

Asset management consists mainly of repetitive tasks. Just think of the countless phone calls to locate your equipment. Or filling in data in Excel lists. With CHECK.connects you spend no less than 80 percent less time on it.

Longer life span

Because you can keep a close eye on your equipment, you know exactly when a particular piece of equipment needs maintenance. Thanks to these optimal maintenance intervals, your assets last longer.

Optimisation of business operations

A convenient, digital overview of your equipment helps you make important decisions to optimise your operation:

  • You can plan your assets better
  • A visual map tells you exactly where the assets are located
  • You can view the user history
  • Visual statistics tell you more about the use of your assets


Connect with us!

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