How can a tachogram report help your business?

| February 2023

Using reports is a great way to quickly oversee business processes. That's why we've created ten different reports in Tachogram to help you easily view your fleet's most important tachograph data.

Driver risk assessment report

In the Driver Risk Assessment Report, you can see all the rule violations your drivers have committed in a selected time period. In addition, each driver is assigned a risk rating based on the severity of the violations. This allows you to easily see the risk trends over time, detect any problems at an early stage and discuss them with individual drivers if necessary.

Work time reports

Seeing exact work hours can help with payroll calculation and workload management. In Tachogram, there are three reports that help you track drivers' work time. The Work Time Summary by Driver in Weeks report shows a driver's work time categorized by time of day - day time, evening time or night time - and displays it in weeks. You can change what the system considers night or evening time in the 'Report Configuration' section of the 'Settings' menu.

The "Work Time Summary by Driver" report is similar. The difference is that it shows drivers' work time in days and provides a little more detail, such as the start and end country of each shift and a brief summary of sick days, days off and vacations.

The "Working Time Monthly Summary All Drivers" report shows the working hours of all your drivers for a selected month. Since there is more information than in the other working time reports, this report is available as an Excel or PDF file for your convenience.

Downloading reports from files

Accurate tachograph data management is a must to comply with international regulations and avoid costly fines. File download reports help you make sure it is done accordingly in your company.

The "Driver Downloads" status report shows when each driver last downloaded their driver card data and whether that is in compliance with international driving and rest period regulations. If too much time has elapsed between downloads, the driver's name is colored red. If everything is fine, the name is green. However, if it is time for the next mandatory download, the name is displayed yellow as a reminder.

The status report for vehicle downloads works in a similar way, but with vehicle files instead of driver card files. According to EC Regulation No. 561/2006, driver card files must be downloaded at least once every 28 days, while vehicle files must be downloaded at least once every 90 days.

The regulation also states that driver card files must be kept for a minimum of two years. Should any files go missing, your company risks heavy fines. The driver file download summary report can help you avoid this. It shows a red triangle next to drivers with missing files and shows you the exact periods in which the files are missing. You can also add the missing files by simply clicking on the periods in the graph. The vehicle file download summary report does the same for vehicle files.

The DDD file archive report allows you to download all files at once or download files that cover longer time periods. Companies rarely use it for daily business operations, but it is very useful if you need to provide data to authorities in case of a company audit.

Other useful reports

These are reports that do not help with file management, but are useful in other ways. The "Mileage per Vehicle" report shows you how many miles each vehicle has traveled in the selected period according to the tachograph data. This data can help you manage and plan vehicle workloads.

With the report ' tachograph calibration' you can easily keep track of upcoming tachograph calibrations. Finally, there is the report 'Travel expenses per driver'. This shows you how much travel expense reimbursement you have to pay your drivers. When using this report, keep in mind that it is based on tachograph data, which shows only the start and end country of a shift. Therefore, if a driver crossed multiple countries during one shift, it may be inaccurate.

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