Half of construction companies affected by yard theft, reports umbrella organization Embuild

| March 2024 |.

Recent research from Embuild reveals a troubling trend: 52% of construction and installation companies faced yard theft in the past year. According to federal police, 2022 recorded a 17% increase in yard thefts, with 2777 cases reported, up from 2369 in 2021.

A survey of 205 construction companies found that not only were 52% victims of theft, but 39% were affected multiple times. The thefts primarily involved small tools and machinery (44%), followed by building materials (30%) and larger tools and machinery (10%). Yard equipment and vehicles were the least stolen.

Many more yard thefts than thought

Embuild stresses that the actual number of thefts is probably higher than the official figures suggest. Indeed, many stolen goods go unreported; 34% of building materials and 29% of small tools and machinery go unreported. Yet about a third of the companies surveyed note that they report yard theft more often now than they did five years ago, regardless of the type of item stolen.

Niko Demeester, CEO of Embuild, encourages this trend: "This is the right approach. Only by reporting all incidents will we get a full picture of the problem and the police can effectively address yard theft."

Call to mark yard equipment

To reduce yard theft, Embuild suggests preventive measures such as marking equipment with a tracking system - such as that offered by AllConnects. While tracking technology is already wle used on vehicles(58%), it is much less applied to yard equipment (43%), large machinery (36%) and small machinery (26%), even though such tracking is known to deter potential thieves.

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