Tacho download: manage the driving and rest times of your drivers remotely

Reading out your digital tachograph online: always in order with the driving and rest times

Every year, around 2.05 million traffic offences are recorded across Europe. As many as 41% of these are driving time and rest period offences. Breaching this European legislation can result in high fines and traffic accidents caused by fatigue. How can you be sure that your drivers drive safely and respect the mandatory driving times and rest periods when they are on the road? There is a simple solution to this: remote downloading of the tachograph.

Download your DDD data remotely

Reading out the tachographs of your trucks or buses: there are better things to do. How much time do your drivers spend returning to the depot to have their tachographs read, anyway? The great advantage of a digital tachograph is that drivers no longer need to stand in your car park with their bus or lorry to read it. The system helps to find infringements and keep track of download deadlines and vehicle calibrations.

You download the data where and when you want via an app on your PC, laptop or tablet. Like this:

  • Save yourself a lot of time
  • monitor the driving times and rest periods of your drivers while they are on the road
  • you can immediately assign a new job within the driving and resting times of that day or week

Digital archive

You must keep the data from your digital tachographs for at least 12 months. With the automatically readable tachograph, these are safely stored in the app. This way, you have access to the entire history of all your buses or lorries in just a few clicks.

Get the benefits of track & trace

The automatic tacho download is done via a track and trace system. So you automatically get the benefits of track and trace as well. You see in real time:

  • where your buses or trucks are
  • which route and how many kilometres your drivers cover
  • where and how often they stop
  • how fast they are driving a clear overview of the planned tachograph calibrations

This way, you can guide and direct your drivers while they are on the road.

Additional options for efficient fleet management

Want to go even further? You can expand your remote-readable tachograph with:

  • Driving behaviour analysis
  • load compartment security
  • monitoring of temperature and humidity
  • automatic recognition of the driver
  • fuel management
  • ...

We are happy to tell you more about it.

Free and non-binding advice

Also save time and work downloading DDD data? Give us a call, send us an email or contact us via our website[KB1] . We will work out a free, no-obligation proposal tailored to your fleet and your needs. With just the automatic read-out tachograph or with extra track & trace options.

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