Compare material trackers: AC.BLE versus VILOC

What digital technology do you need to monitor your equipment?

Is your company using VILOC technology to locate and track enterprise assets, and are you looking for another vendor? In this blog, we compare the VILOC tracker with All-Connects' material trackers and suggest 2 alternative hardware devices that offer a similar (and perhaps even more optimized) solution for your asset tracking.

The AC.BLE-dear asset tracker

AC.BLE-dear is a sensor with an energy-efficient Bluetooth® LE 5.0 & Nordic nRF52 chip. Mounted with screws on assets, it is mainly used for tracking and managing assets in warehouses, logistics and construction industries. AC.BLE-dear also enables the transmission of proximity information in retail stores and indoor tracking in airports or tourist attractions to increase interaction with consumers.

Click here to download the product sheet for the AC.BLE-dear.

The AC.FLEX.O asset tracker

The AC.FLEX-O is an ultra-rugged, compact, battery-powered indoor/outdoor asset tracker. This is a very complete, active way to locate, track and secure assets - both indoor and outdoor. It is a very reliable solution when you want to know where an asset is, and when it moves, falls or changes location. The AC.FLEX-O records the operational usage time of the asset and transmits the data to the online management application. The combined WiFi-GPS technology ensures that the GPS tracking (which consumes a lot of battery) is activated only when there is no WiFi signal. This gives the battery a longer life.

Click here to download the AC.FLEX.O product sheet or click here to contact us for a quote or free demo.

The benefits of an All-Connects tracking solution

All-Connects BLE trackers for companies with machinery and/or work tools. We offer the best - or even more optimized - alternative to Viloc trackers. Here are your benefits.

  1. You pay for exactly what you need, no more and no less: All-Connects has different levels of hardware devices in the product range to propose you the right solution you need/want.
  2. You have a single point of contact: If you have questions about using our solutions, you have a regular contact person.
  3. Get started right away: We activate the BLE trackers, so you can get started right after delivery.
  4. API available: The asset data collected can be easily integrated with your own software package via an API, so you can view everything from a familiar dashboard.
  5. Suitable for large numbers: This All-Connects solution is specially designed for large numbers (from 10 - 10,000 objects).

More info on locating and monitoring your assets?

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